Techniques we use

There are many techniques used by Chiropractors today. Here at Windham Chiropractic and Massage Therapy we offer many ways to treat patients other than only traditional chiropractic adjustments. Here is a list of services we provide with a small explanation on what it is, and why we provide it.

Flexion Distraction Technique: Here we use flexion distraction to work on acute and chronic low back pain. Flexion distraction is essential for the care of low back disk conditions such as a herniation or bulge.

Drop Technique: Drop technique can be used either on the cervical spine or lumbar spine and pelvis/sacral area. Drop technique is used to set the pelvis or sacrum back in its more normal and biomechanically sound position. This is the technique we use when a patient says “I feel like my pelvis is out”, and no, we will not drop you!

Activator technique: We use the activator here to adjust patients who are either afraid of regular chiropractic manipulation, or patients who would not tolerate a regular chiropractic manipulation, such as a patient with severe osteoporosis. Activator is an instrument that delivers an impulse, without hearing the cavitation (or “crack”) normally associated with a chiropractic adjustment.

Massage Therapy: We offer massage therapy as part of every treatment. The massages can range from 5 to 60 minutes depending on what you want and need. We use massage therapy and Chiropractic care because of one simple reason. If you have a spinal problem, it affects the muscles, and if you have a muscular problem, it affects the spine. It’s that simple.

Mechanical Traction: We use sustained traction to help try to decompress the spine. This can help conditions such as disk bulges or herniation, and arthritis in the low back also known as degenerative disk/joint disease.

Electric stimulation: We use electric stimulation to try and increase healing. For instance if you have an acute injury such as a sprain or strain, electric stimulation can be used to decrease the time it takes to recover from the injury. It is also used in chronic pain conditions to try and ease pain.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound is great for working an acute injury that involves inflammation. Ultrasound is used to decrease the inflammation in one particular area.

Therapeutic Exercise: We utilize therapeutic exercise to help lengthen and stretch a particular area. Active patient care at home (doing your exercises and stretches) is essential for a good outcome. As part of your treatment plan you will be periodically shown how do to the specific exercises and stretches that you need. We start from light and easy, and go to more difficult ones when we determine you can handle them.

Kinesio Taping: We use K tape to help with the initial phase of care. K tape can be used for treatment outside the office and it lasts for days. You can shower, swim, and do all of your normal daily activities with K tape on. We also use K tape to enhance athletic performance. If you are a fan of sports, and have watched any sport (Olympics most notably) then you have likely seen athletes with tape going across their shoulders or down their arms or legs.